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We are about staying active for life with a sport you love to hate (at times) but can play for life – Golf. We specialize in duffers that are over 40 with handicaps greater than 15. Come join us and let’s help each other do better, play more and have fun.
This group is built specifically for golfers & golf enthusiasts that are looking to spend more time playing.

If that’s NOT you, we love ya’, but you aren’t allowed in.
If that IS you, this will be the most valuable Golf oriented group you’ll ever join.
You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other passionate players, and even exclusive access to golfing-related products and services reserved only for members.

To get the most out of this group, don’t be shy, contribute to the conversation.
The more you GIVE the group, the more you’ll GET OUT OF the group.
If you’re ready to join the party and take your love of golf to the next level – Request to join and fill out the 3 questions!

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